Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Editor

This week was again quite productive. I took the level editor from a rough concept to a fully functional alpha. Today I showed Becky the progress and she had some excellent feedback - she wants to be able to 'paint' a texture over a large area and have the editor automatically infer the ground mesh from the tiles placed.
This means I'll need some way to take each individual tile's bounding box (which might be square, rectangular, triangular or some other shape) and merge all of the adjacent vertices. I'm thinking I may use the algorithm here to handle simplifying all of the individual squares into larger sections.
Other small tasks for this week are cut, copy, paste, and duplicate support (to easily make many copies of a single object) and a toolbox (which will be needed for the 'paint' support above). I believe layers are something we'll need to handle in a future sprint.

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