Saturday, October 20, 2012

A basic editor

Huzzah! I have a (VERY) basic level editor put together using WinForms and the XNA+WinForms sample code. It supports clicking to select and drag-drop operations within the editor pane on the right. Next up is adding a context menu or other method of managing what components are added to a given entity. I'm considering a PropertyGrid - it would give a relatively straightforward way to modify all of the attributes of the existing components and should be easily extensible.
My first priority after getting the basic editor working is a ground editor. We've decided to store the collision box for the ground separately, so I need to have support to somehow edit this collision mesh. Down the road I also want support for templates, a comprehensive Redo/Undo system (which should be one of the easier things to build), changing grid attributes (on/off, snap on/off, color, spacing, etc).

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