Sunday, October 7, 2012

And then, there were 3

The final 3 have been decided! Time Jump didn't quite make the cut - the panel had some good feedback for us. They felt that the concept would require twice as much art work, level design, and iteration due to the dual nature. They also felt that we didn't differentiate the alternate time - why not just do the same thing in a single time stream? They didn't feel we adequately addressed how the past could affect the future.
I can't be too sad/upset about not being chosen though, because instead I get to work on another awesome game! Attraction is a game about a robot (seriously, what's up with robots?) with a magnetic arm. You can pull toward or push away from magnets in the environment. This simple mechanic can be used to build a wide variety of situations - I really am excited for the possibilities! The game in prototype form is already fun to play through and you already get a feel for where the game might eventually go.

One common piece of feedback from the panel was that none of our concepts felt Indie Enough. Everything seemed fairly mainstream, and there was no mechanic, aesthetic or theme that was far out enough to be indie. We're meeting today to discuss the overall direction for the game. With such an awesome team I'm sure we can come up with some ways to make this work.

I've already volunteered to focus on the tools for the game - I really find the process of acting as a facilitator incredibly gratifying. It's great to be able to build a tool that multiplies the effectiveness of everybody else on the team when it comes to iterating and trying new/different designs.

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