Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crunch Weekend

This has been a CRAZY weekend! Built a Camera class to allow panning around the level, got the grappling hook working (although there's still some odd Box2D/Farseer related behavior), got some of the control systems working better, hooked up the camera so that it follows the player around the level, fixed some of the level loading code, and got the grappling hook 'rope' rendering. Oh, and I hand-crafted the XML for 2 separate level concepts since we don't have a level editor. WHEW!
I don't think I'll worry about building out any code for 'death' since it's not something we'll be featuring in our trailer - let's leave that for after the prototype. Textures are what is lovingly referred to as 'programmer art'. Becky and Diana are doing their artist magic and coming up with concept art this weekend. I've decided it must be magic, because nothing else could explain the transformation from something as vague as 'a time traveling robot' into the sort of awesomeness these two produce.
Now I think it's time to sit down and play some games for an hour or so to break out of the coder's block (it's a real thing - I swear!)  I'm currently in.

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